Michigan Supreme Court Fires Chief of Attorney Grievance Commission Bob Agacinski

From the Detroit News:

"The Michigan Supreme Court has fired the head of the Attorney Grievance Commission, which investigates and tries allegations of attorney misconduct in the state.

In a one-sentence order Friday, the court said [']the appointment of Robert L. Agacinski as Grievance Administrator is concluded, effective May 2, 2014.['] Under state law, the court can fire the grievance administrator at any time without cause.

[']This change reflects a desire by the Supreme Court to improve operations of the AGC and speed the resolution of pending cases,['] court spokesman John Nevin said in a statement. The court did not elaborate about the problems.

Commission Chairwoman Barbara Smith told the Associated Press she doesn’t believe investigations move too slowly.

Deputy Administrator Robert Edick will manage the day-to-day operations of the commision until the court appoints an interim administrator. The Supreme Court gave no timetable for replacing Agacinski.

Agacinski, 67, who has practiced law for 41 years, had headed up the commission since August 2000. Before then, he was the Wayne County deputy chief prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Repeat Offender Bureau, which targeted criminals who commit a disproportionate share of the crimes

Agacinski headed a commission staff of more than 30 who receive an average of 3,000 complaints a year about Michigan attorneys, according to his biography at the Thomas Cooley M. Law School, where he is a member of the Professionalism Committee.

The Attorney Grievance Commission has been responsible for some high-profile prosecutions of attorneys and judges.

In the latest case in March, the Supreme Court removed Wayne County Circuit Judge Wade H. McCree Jr. from office and ruled he would be suspended without pay if voters re-elect him this year. McCree’s misconduct in office included an affair with a witness in a case before him, and the state’s highest court concluded [']the likelihood of his continuing to commit judicial misconduct is high.[']"