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Drunk Driving Charges

Business meetings, office parties, and dinners with loved ones all present the same danger — flashing lights in your rearview mirror.  Without the right attorney, you may be facing jail, fines, loss of your driver's license, and your world turned upside down.  Let the firm fight for you and keep you safe.


Driver's License Restoration

Living in Michigan without a driver's license can be next to impossible in today’s world.  While there are many ways to lose your license, there are only a few ways to get it back.  Learn more about how we can fight on your behalf to get you back in the driver's seat - legally and without fear of arrest.



When someone else’s mistakes affect the outcome of your case, you always have the option of filing an appeal.  But successful appeals require more than time – they require a good attorney to frame the issues and show how someone else’s mistakes caused harm.   Let the firm fight to get these mistakes reversed.

Drug Charges

Did you know that medical marihuana is not legal in Michigan?  That's right - the law only provides defenses if you are within the bounds the law.  That means that you can be arrested and charged — and you had better have a good attorney to assert those defenses for you and try your case.


Sex Charges

It's her word against his word - and a jury will decide who they believe more.  You need an attorney who's aggressively fought cases involving allegations of a sexual nature.  Cell phone records, DNA testing, and rape kit analysis may decide your fate - so don't wait to call the firm any longer. 


Violence Charges

An argument can easily escalate into a situation where someone — even a neighbor or a stranger — calls the police.  Someone simply telling the police that you did something that made them fear you is enough to get you arrested.  When this happens, you need a fighter on your side.